Nanovi 2-Inch Soil Blocker: Versatile Seed Starting Tool with 3 Pin Sizes

By David Shapira

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Experience the revolution in seed starting with the Nanovi Soil Blocker, a 2-inch soil block maker that simplifies your gardening. With 3 sizes of seed pins, this handheld tool customizes your soil blocks to fit your seedlings perfectly. It’s designed for comfort, featuring an ergonomically comfy handle, making it a breeze to create 4 soil cells simultaneously. Ideal for outdoor plants, greenhouses, or your garden, it accelerates seedling growth and reduces transplant shock for healthier plants. With the Nanovi Soil Blocker, you’re not just starting seeds; you’re cultivating success. This tool streamlines your gardening process, making it an essential addition for gardeners seeking efficiency and effectiveness. Easy to use and durable, it’s the perfect tool to enhance your gardening experience with the latest in soil blocking technology. Discover the difference with the Nanovi Soil Blocker, your partner for successful seed starting.

Revolutionize Your Garden with Nanovi Soil Blocker: The Ultimate Seed Starting Tool

Experience a new level of gardening efficiency with the Nanovi Soil Blocker, a 2-inch soil block maker that comes complete with three sizes of seed pins and a comfortable handle. This 4-cell handheld soil blocking tool is a game-changer for seed starting, helping to nurture seedlings, outdoor plants, and greenhouses. It’s an indispensable addition to any modern garden, combining comfort and functionality to bring your gardening experience to the next level.

Reap the Benefits of The Nanovi Soil Blocker

The Nanovi Soil Blocker is crafted with comfort and ease in mind. Its ergonomic handle is designed for prolonged use, ensuring you can create multiple soil blocks without the risk of hand fatigue. The three sizes of seed pins enable you to plant seeds of different sizes, catering to a wide variety of plant species. This innovative soil blocking tool not only simplifies the process of seed starting but also enhances the overall growth of your plants.

Unleash the Power of Soil Blocking

Soil blocking is a revolutionary planting method that fosters healthier root systems. The Nanovi Soil Blocker makes this process hassle-free. The 2-inch soil block maker shapes soil into blocks, providing a conducive environment for seed germination. Unlike traditional seed starting methods, soil blocks allow roots to air prune, encouraging a more robust root system, resulting in stronger, healthier plants.

A recent user said, “The Nanovi Soil Blocker has completely transformed my garden. My seedlings are healthier and stronger. And the comfortable handle makes the process effortless.”

Optimize Your Greenhouse with Nanovi Soil Blocker

For greenhouse enthusiasts, the Nanovi Soil Blocker is a must-have tool. It creates compact soil blocks that utilize space effectively, allowing for maximum plant growth within your greenhouse. The versatility of the three sizes of seed pins means it can cater to an array of plant types, making it a versatile addition to any greenhouse setup.

Experience the unique benefits of the Nanovi Soil Blocker for yourself and see how it can change your gardening game.


Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice green thumb, the Nanovi Soil Blocker is the tool you need to ensure healthier, stronger plants. Its comfortable handle and versatile seed pins make it a joy to use, while its soil blocking method delivers tangible results in the form of robust plants. The Nanovi Soil Blocker is not just a tool—it’s a new approach to gardening that promises to revolutionize your garden or greenhouse.

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